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How It Works

IRCx offers a free recommissioning audit, plus financial incentives for implementing both recommissioning measures and a preventive, proactive maintenance plan. The required maintenance plan can consist of either:

*           A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and a staff person to operate it, or

*           A one- to three-year contract with a preventive maintenance contractor

An incentive based on verified savings will be paid directly to the customer to offset 50% of the recommissioning cost.

Here’s how it works:

1.          The customer contacts the IRCx Program and completes an Application.
Documents – Program Application

2.          Kickoff meeting and preliminary walk-through facility audit with Nexant staff to determine the necessity and scope of a detailed audit. Nexant will advise on whether potential savings are sufficient to justify a detailed audit. Both audits are free.
Documents – Non-disclosure Agreement and Access Agreement

3.          After customer review and approval of the preliminary audit, Nexant will conduct a detailed audit to quantify potential energy savings and simple paybacks for individual measures.
Documents – Detailed Audit Report

4.          The Customer chooses which measures to implement. Nexant will oversee recommissioning at each site, including coordination with outside firms having expertise in specific technologies.
Documents – Project Implementation Agreement and either a Contract for preventive maintenance or a Purchase Order for a CMMS

5.          The customer notifies Nexant when recommissioning is complete. The Installation Report must be submitted to Nexant before December 1, 2014.
Documents – Installation Report

6.          Nexant returns to confirm savings.
Documents – Measurement and Verification Report

7.          Nexant delivers the incentive payment.
Documents – Incentive check


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